Rafting Trips

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The Napo River, “Jatunyacu” in Kichwa meaning “the Big Water” is white water class III. No experience is needed, it is for all persons, who can swim. The down river distance is 26 kilometers and it is surrounded by primary-rainforest. This part of the river is not polluted, it flows directly out of the mountains without passing any cities. The river is crystal clean.
After the raft is taken down to the put-in and all passengers have received life jacket, helmet, paddle and rain jacket we can start with the instructions. The guide (all guides of Agency Limoncocha have long experience in white water and are qualified with license) explains all commandos, correct behavior in white water, rescue of swimming persons and the paddle-skills. The adventure can start.
At the beginning calm passages are used for practicing so that we are best prepared for the hard white water. The calm and the rough parts always change. The river is a natural channel. Near the first bridge there is a small break at the confluence of the rivers Illuculin and Jatunyaco. We continue our trip on the River Jatunyaco with big waves (the height of the waves is dependent on the water level)! In between there are always calm parts where you can take a refreshing swim. If there is a perfect wave for surfing all passengers have to paddle hard to get into the wave. But the big effort is worth, it´s absolutely wicked fun.
Near Santa Rosa we will stop at a small hut where we will serve lunch (Sandwiches, Tortilla, Guacamole, fresh salads, cheese, ham, tuna, fresh fruits, sweets and drinks). After that there is enough time for a “siesta” to revive your energy for the next part of the river.
The river becomes much wider, with different river arms and small islands. From now on there is intensive “river life” because there are a lot of families live near the river. The native families wash their clothes in the river, they dig for gold do fishing or get water for drinking and cooking. There are rather no bridges therefore a lot of families need the traditional canoe to get on the other side of the river.
Down river there will be another break at the “Grande Cañon”. The guide knows a special story about this place and takes you an excursion inside the canyon. A fun surprise!

After that we continue our trip. Near the end of the trip we reach the confluence of the River Jatunyaco and the River Anzu (Jungle river). From this point on the name of River river changes into Rio Napo, that flows later into the Amazonas.
We finish the tour at about 4 pm in Puerto Napo, where we will be picked up and transported to Tena ( 5 min run).


This tour is offered as a one day trip, the tour starts end ends in Tena. We leave Tena at 8.30 a.m. The drive will take about half an hour. Then everyone gets their equipment (life jacket, helmet, paddle and rain jacket).
Then you have to walk half an hour down to the river. At the river you have enough time to rest and get new energy- the guides have to pump up the boat first!
Then you get instruction from the guide (all guides of Agencia Limoncocha have a long experience in white water and are qualified with licence) The guide will explain all commandos, correct behaviour in white water, the rescue of swimming persons and paddle-skill. Then the adventure can begin.
We begin on the Jondatchi. This river has a lot of big rocks in the water. There are also steps of one meter high. The landscape is beautiful, small waterfalls coming down the hills and mountains. The river is surrounded by the primary rainforest. Water birds can be spotted.
At the confluence of the Rio Jondachi and Rio Holin we will take a lunch break (Sandwichs, Tortilla, Guacamole, fresh salads, cheese, ham, tuna, fresh fruits, sweets and drinks).
We continue our run on the Holin. This river has a different character. The pressure of the water is much higher, there are a lot of big waves. A “flip” is also possible. You have to swim and should not be shy of white water. No fear- every one will be rescued!!!
At a certain waterfall we will make a stop to try the natural shower.
In the late afternoon we reach the bridge of Santa Domingo where we end our rafting tour.
We go back to Tena by car (35 min)


General Information

What will you need for the tours?

For the Rafting tour you only need your Camera (we have got dry bags), mosquito protection and suncream. It is recommended that you wear a T-Shirt and short trousers. All the rafting equipment is provided by the tour operator Limoncocha.

What standard are the rafts and the equipment?
Our Rafts and equipment are from Europe (we have rafts from Germany, Austria and Czech republic) with highest standard of security. Life jackets, paddles and helmets are from the company Grabner in Austria. We regularly overhaul all our rafts and equipment so we have a 100% confidence in the material and equipment.

What training do the rafting guides have?
Our rafting guides have 17 years experience with commercial rafting, are licensed in Ecuador, and have taken part in courses for rafting guides in Switzerland which are renewed every two years. On all our rafting tours we use a safety kayak, that is used for the rescue of passengers.

How much do the tours cost?

White water Rafting/ Rio Napo: per Pers. …………………………………. 50$

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