Jungle Tour Limoncocha Lagoon, The best ! many animals !

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Limoncocha lagoon


There are two possibilities:to start the tour from Tena,drive at night with the bus or during the day,with the Bus or with about you car, 4 hour ride
a) You will leave together with the guide from Tena at 11:00 pm to the villige Limoncocha (5 hours in autobus) (by Coca , limoncocha)
b) You will leave together with the guide Tena at 10 am and will arrive in the village Limoncocha at night (7 hours from Tena). You will stay in this village for the night (transport and overnight-stay is not included in the price).
The next day – DAY 1:the tour starts:
you will take a canoe to a Lodge, in the Limoncocha sector of the Kichwa community for about 35 minutes towards the interior of the lagoon.

Limoncocha Biological Reserve

On this trip, we will observe a diverse number of birds from different species
that exist in this particular place.

After breakfast, the guide will take you on a walk around the camp looking for medicinal plants that were utilized by our ancestors. This part of the excursion will last for
about 3 hours. We will return to camp in the afternoon for lunch. At that time, we should be ready to take a canoe to go fishing for piranhas. We will get back and enjoy dinner with a fresh plate of piranhas.

DAY 2:
Before breakfast (at about 6am) we will start our journey into the lagoon, during which the passengers will be taken away by
the fantastic concert that is put on by the large variety of aquatic birds.

We will return to the cabin for breakfast and then prepare ourselves for a walk in search of medicinal plants utilized by the family. During the walk, it may be possible to see birds like papagayos, parrots, and toucans, monkeys and all the exciting animals,
insects, and reptiles that inhabit the area.
Limoncocha Biological Reserve 4

After dinner, the guide will take you on an excursion to the lagoon to watch the caiman, see mushrooms and luminous insects. This is a chance to spend part of evening together with the magic night concert that will surround us and with we are sure will satisfy you entirely.

DAY 3:
After breakfast, we will start to prepare ourselves for our next trip.
This is the most exciting part of the natural world. We will take a path deeper into the jungle in order to see gigantic trees “ceibo” that are
approximately 400-500 years old.

Limoncocha Biological Reserve 3

Limoncocha Biological Reserve 2

On this adventure, the flora and fauna guide will educate us and demonstrate tactics and secrets of the jungle, like how our grandfathers hunted animals and constructed and used materials
from this zone to make traps. We will also have the chance to swim in a river called the “Rio Blanco” (White River).

We will return for lunch and get our rucksack prepared to start our return to Tena. We approximate to arrive in Tena at night at about 8 pm.

Prices: per person 180 $ 3 day minimum 3 person. 2 person 199 $ + 12 $ bus

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